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Business Law chapters and short points you can read below and Symbiosis Pune mba is distance learning university from where you can learning business Law and if you want more information about distance education mba university you can mail me.

Unit 1 Indian Contract Act, 1872 - Part I

Introduction→Definitions and Meaning of a Contract→Offer and Acceptance→Legal Rules on Essentials of a Valid Acceptance→Provisions of Contract Act regarding Communication of Offer (Proposal), Acceptance and Revocation→Consideration→Capacity of Parties→Free Consent.

Unit 2 Indian Contract Act, 1872 - Part II

Introduction →Legality of Object and Consideration →Unlawful and Illegal Agreements         →Void Agreements →Contingent Contract →Wagering Agreement and Difference between Contingent Contract and a Wagering Agreement →Performance of Contract →Kinds of Tender →Effect of Refusal of a Party to Perform Promise wholly →Effect of Release of one of the Joint Promisors (Sec. 44) →Reciprocal Promises and Rules regarding their Performance →Time and Place of Performance →Appropriation of Payment →Discharge of Contract →Remedies for Breach of Contract →Quasi. Contract.

Unit 3 Special Types of Contracts

Introduction →Contract of Indemnity →Contract of Guarantee →Contract of Bailment →Contract of Agency, Creation of Agency, Ratification →Types of Agents →Authority of an Agent, Delegation of Authority by Agent →Rights, Duties and Liabilities of an Agent →Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Principal →Termination of Agency.

Unit 4 Partnership Act, 1932

Introduction→ Definition → Essential Elements or Main Features of Partnership → Test of Partnership →    Distinction between Partnership and some other Forms of Organisation Types of Partnership and Partners →Formation of Partnership and Registration of Partnership →Rights, Duties, Liabilities of Partners →Liabilities of Partners to the Third Party →Mutual Relations of Partners →The Authority of a Partner and Liability to Third Party →Provision relating to Minor Partners and Property of the Fund →Reconstitution of a Firm →Revocation of Continuing Guarantee by Change in Firm →Dissolution of a Firm →Provisions relating to Public Notice.

Unit 5 Sale of Goods Act, 1930

Introduction →Contract of Sale of Goods →Sale and Agreement →Conditions and Warranties

→ Doctrine of Caveat Emptor →Transfer of Property (Ownership) →Performance of Contract of Sale →Rights of Unpaid Seller and Remedial Measures.

Unit 6 The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

Introduction →Negotiable Instruments - Meaning and Characteristics →Parties to Negotiable Instruments →Crossing →Negotiation and Types of Endorsements →Duties and Liabilities of Paying Banker →Duties and Liabilities of Collecting Banker →Bouncing of a Cheque - A Criminal Offence.

 Unit 7 The Consumer Protection Act, 1986

Introduction →Aims and Objectives of the Act →Definitions →Consumer Protection Councils →Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies →The State Commission→The National Commission →Some Other Important Provisions of the Act.

Unit 8 Company Act, 1956

Introduction→ Definition and Meaning of a Company →Main Characteristic or Features of a Company

→Important Types of Companies →Incorporation of a Company →Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association →Prospectus →Share Capital →Accounts and Audit →Provisions relating to Directors →Company Meetings.


National eligibility test (NEET)

NEW DELHI: On Monday the Supreme Court  spread the way for implementation of National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) for medical courses across the country. read more about jaipur university distance education


The top court set aside its 2013 order by which the common entrance test for admissions to MBBS, BDS and PG courses in all medical colleges was quashed.


Hearing a review petition on NEET, the top court said it will hear the case afresh on validity of the common entrance test. "Till the matter is decided NEET can be implemented," the Supreme court said. 

The Supreme Court had, in June 2013, had ruled that the Medical Council of India (MCl)'s notification for holding common entrance tests for MBBS, BDS and post-graduate medical courses as invalid. A three-judge bench by a 2:1 verdict held that the notification was against the framework. 

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